April 28, 2017 Morning Update

Jayel spiked a fever late last night and early this morning. They gave her Tylenol and it has finally came down after 2 doses. Her platelets, white blood count and red blood cells are still low but her ANC (which tells us how strong her immune system is) is at 1600 which means it is trying to fight the infection and isn’t struggling too much.

They are doing vitals on her every 2 hours to keep monitoring her, and gave her morphine for pain from her surgery.

They did an EKG and Ultrasound of her heart this morning as protocol on all new patients at St. Jude. She will be having a PET scan later today and HOPEFULLY she will finally be able to drink some water and have clear liquids since they have her still NPO since Sunday. She had a rough night and despite it all she is a FIGHTER and will continue to fight because that is what God put in her. Her strength, and faith is unmovable and I pray it will only get stronger!

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