April 28, 2017 Evening Update

We have always called Jayel a Princess Ninja Warrior. For several reasons. One is she is so into fashion, and always looking her best. Then because this girl can handle her own. We keep getting told how physically strong she is. Today she pretty much jumped on the bed from her wheelchair. All the doctors and nurses kind of gasped and she just looked at them like they were crazy.

The NPO order was finally lifted this afternoon! She was so excited Kasey said I don’t care I am getting her popsicle. So she used both hands to eat two of them! She took a HUGE drink of water and then ate some chicken broth. As long as she tolerates the liquids fine she will be able to go to solids tomorrow evening!

They were able to get the PET scan and didn’t have to sedate her! Praise God! They did show us where some the Lymphoma has spread to and where it is at in her body. Some of it has spread to parts of her bones BUT with Hodgekins Lymphoma that is actually not hard to treat in comparison to other forms of Cancer.

She will begin Chemo in the morning and they are ready to give any medication to help offset any side effects from the vomiting and feeling sick. Most of it will be done via IV while she will have to take 1 medication orally. We were told it will be about 3-4 weeks before she begins to lose her hair for about 2 months and then it will begin to grow back. They will not be doing any radiation unless they absolutely have to and even then it will be very targeted towards the end of her treatment.

We have had so many of you text, call and send us messages about you praying…please keep doing so for strength for us! To some it sounds crazy or not normal but we really do have a peace and a unexplained JOY being here right now. Is it where we want to be…Absolutely NOT! But we will not grieve, mourn or allow the enemy to cause any kind of fear to set in.


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