July 8, 2017

Good Evening! Today we had a fun filled day! We had a birthday party, and prepared to have a garage sale but got rained out! I mean like crazy thunderstorm rained out. So instead the kids helped me list some items on FB to sell.

Jayel is super stoked that this is one of the only weekends she won’t have to take any medication! Kasey and Jayel will be preparing to leave on Tuesday this week. They will be flying into Memphis and then flying home. This will be her first trip on an airplane that will remember. She flew when she was about 18 months old, but she doesn’t remember it at all!

Kasey and I would love specific prayers in agreement that the mass that is still present near her liver will be GONE with the final cat scan in September. The verse that kept coming to mind was from James you have not because you ask not. God wants us to be specific in our prayers and not be afraid to call things on what they are. We don’t fear the name of Cancer, Tumors, Sickness or Disease. Instead we rebuke it, cast it down by it’s name. We don’t let fear of the word get to us instead we speak against it, and believe healing over her body!

We hope you all have a wonderful evening, and get to bed. Tomorrow is church day!


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