July 6, 2017

Kasey and I hope you guys have had a great 4th of July! This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending it with our neighbors that have become like family! Over the weekend we spent the day at Rockets Over Rhema.

Rhema puts on an amazing display. I have never been able to say this until now…but I think it beats Fort Collins! For years Kasey and I were marveled how good the show was in Fort Collins, until this year! They played Christian music along with an amazing show. It was so refreshing to be able to walk around and see so many of our friends that God has brought into our life!

On the actual 4th of July we got some fireworks, had a BBQ and cooked out with our neighbor. They have the cutest 2 little boys that Kasey and I have gotten to know and love! After the fireworks show we brought the kids in and decided to just go to bed! The kids were tired and so were we!

I would like to share some more good news that Kasey and I received during the past few days on Jayel! So many of you know that she had an enzyme damaged from one of the medications that she was taking. So they put her on 1mL of Lisopril at night. Not even 5 days later when she got an EKG they said that her ejection fraction was working WAY better than just a few days ago. Kasey and I had asked the cardiologist how long it would be before we would see any kind of results. The cardiologist was sure it would take at least 4-6 weeks since she wouldn’t even be at a full minimum dose for 3-4 weeks. Kasey and I immediately that night begin speaking to that enzyme, and her heart. We knew it could NOT stay in her body! We believe in God’s authority and his word and his word declares her heart works in perfection!

Now for her blood work. Her doctor met with Kasey and said that they knew her body was responding well to the chemo and that the cancer was dying, but after her PET scan and her blood work he was amazed! He said that her ANC is beyond amazing and has never been that high which is a good thing! It means that her body knows how to fight viruses, infection, and bacteria if she comes in contact with it without it effecting her! It says that her body knows exactly what do when it happens!

Her Hemoglobin is now showing she isn’t considered Anemic…why because her body is absorbing, metabolizing and using the nutrients the way it should be in her body! We know this may seem like a minor thing to others, but every little thing is a VICTORY to us! We won’t accept healing of just one thing…because God says our whole body is HEALED and WHOLE!

Last her WBC is also the highest it’s ever been! Platelets are still normal and the team of doctors keep telling us that they are so impressed on how well she has gotten since they seen her end of April! They were hopeful that she would respond well, but Kasey and I know whose hand was really in it all!


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