The Next Chapter

Since all of this began my husband and I have taken some time to evaluate some lifestyle choices to include relaxation, and nutrition. Kasey and I knew that there would be some things we would want to incorporate into our life during and even after treatment was over.

The biggest decision was is we will be transitioning over to a whole food plant based diet. Kasey and I used to eat more along these lines a few years ago, but with all the transitions, moves, and life changes we have slowly gotten away from it. As we begin discussing if we would continue on a Paleo diet with a high amount of vegetables, or wold like to move more towards a Whole 30 type of lifestyle.

As we began praying and asking God to lead us, and give us wisdom on what he would like us to do. We have never believed that we should eat whatever we want to eat, but instead use the wisdom that God has given us. We have always been a big advocate to eat the foods in a whole food base whether it’s milk, eggs, meat, fruits, vegetables or grains! So when we came across what a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle was, we were rather intrigued. We have done a raw food challenge, and lots of vegetable soups during the winter time, but this was something so much more.

A Whole Food Plant Based Diet is commonly adapted by many for chronic health condition, disease, and even Cancer. A WFPD can help help keep the body slightly alkaline which can help the body’s health be maintained. We also felt it was the best way to maintain it as a lifestyle without having to buy special foods all the time, eating the foods in a whole food base the way God created them.

We will be slowly transitioning over to a plant based diet over the next 3 months. Our goal is to completely transition by end of September. We have decided to follow a 90/10 rule which is 90% of the time we will follow the whole food plant based diet and the other 10% will be our grace, and flexibility. We absolutely will NOT be legalistic about it neither. Just as scripture says in Luke 10:8 “If you enter a town and it welcomes you, eat whatever is set before you.”

We are so excited to be on this journey and try some new foods, as well as some of our favorites through a plant based style. We would love for you to join us on this journey and try some of the recipes we will be trying!


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